Friday, April 11, 2008

Back in Iraq

Well as most of you already know, I am back in the desert again. I am at a startup camp east of B-DAD. You can tell it is fairly new since there is alot of construction going on. That is a good thing because it keeps me busy doing inspections and keeping the construction guys on their toes. The living conditions here aren't quite as nice as the last camp I was on but itis livable. We have AC and heat so it works. I am still trying to get settled in, but life ain't bad and the food is OK. Phyllis and I are planning a key west getaway on the motorcycle when I go on my first R&R in August. Plan on being on the road for 7 or 8 days. Well everyone kep in touch and we will talk to you soon.


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Rome trip

Photobucket Album

more pictures

The Colliseum and the Arch of some guy, sorry, can't remember his name

Looking out or Hotel Balcony in Capri

SOME more pictures of out trip to ROMA

Our hotel in Capri form the Bay

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Trip to Roma

Hey Everybody,
I figured since I have been back for a month I had better put something up about out trip to Rome. It was great is all I can say. I arrived on a Sunday and picked up the rental car and got the Hotel room and Phyllis and Shae showed up on Monday and we got busy with the sightseeing. It is really hard to put into words the sights in Rome other than astounding. AS Phyllis kept saying, everything is so huge. All of the buildings in Rome, especially the religious ones are absolutely monstrous. It boggles the mind to think how long it must have taken to build some of the stuff there. We went and saw all of the sites that we could find as we were doing this independently and not with a tour group. Tour groups may see a few more things but by doing it on our own, we lived by our own schedule and saw what we wanted to see, not what they wanted to show us. Driving in Italy is not something for the faint of heart or the timid. Having been there before during my naval career, it didn't bother me too much, You just have to drive like they do. AGGRESSIVE. If any of you ever go to Italy you must make a trip to the Isle of Capri. It is absolutely one of the most gorgeous places on earth. Not cheap by any means, but you can tell that from the 220 foot yachts sitting out in the bay. It is a lot of up and down walking and a lot of shopping opportunities, but the scenery is what takes your breath away the most. The water around the island is the most azure blue you have ever seen and it just takes your breath away to see it. I could have just sat on our balcony and looked out at the water and been perfectly happy, but we did get out and walk around and window shop. Most of the shops there are out of my price range even with the money I am making over here. Shops like Gucci and Prada just to name a couple. They all have names that you here when you are watching entertainment tonight on TV. We saw some people we though might be Movie or TV types but we will never know for sure. I really didn't care because I was enjoying relaxing too much. Probably the only down side of the whole trip was the heat. Europe was suffering a heat wave while we were there and it was HOT. It was over 100 most of the time we were there but in the evening it cooled off really nice. Overall I think it was really enjoyed by all and now the only trick is to figure out which trip I can do next to top this one. I am thinking an island resort somewhere where we are waited on hand and foot. In Between might be a trip to Vegas or the Florida Keys. That will after Phyllis shoulder heals up from her recent surgery. So far everything is going good and the doc said he was able to repair the damage to her rotator cuff so now begins the long road through rehab. I hope it heals up better than it was before the surgery. That is all I can hope for. Attached are a couple of pics form the trip and I will try to post more in the next couple of days.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

July 07

Hey everybody,

I figured since it had been about a month since I posted anything I had better put some more stuff on here. Not alot has been going on since the last post except for the temp getting hotter everyday. Our average afternoon high is about 115 - 120 every day. I got picked up as a supervisor at another camp in our area a couple of weeks ago so sometime soon I should be moving to my new camp. I have been there before because I have to go through there whenever I leave to go on R&R and what not. It is called Marez and it is in the city of Mosul. It is a little more active than this place but not much. Still one of the safer places to be over here. I am gonna enjoy the raise though. I can start paying off bills even quicker. It is about a 30K a year raise. The more I make the less time I have to spend here. I am gonna be leaving here in about 10 days to head out to Rome where I am meeting Phyllis and Shae for 8 days. I have been there while I was in the Navy but am looking forward to going back again and getting some good pictures. Phyllis and Shae are REAAAALLLYYY looking forward to it. Plane tickets, rooms and rental car are already paid for so I only have to pay for the meals while we are there. On the way back I am going to stay in Dubai for a couple days just to check out some of the stuff there and maybe do some shopping. Last time I was there was in 2001. It is the slow season there right now because of the extreme temps. It is around 120-130 there this time of year. I might try to bring Phyllis over there when the weather cools down. It is a really amazing city with lots of stuff to do. And not very expensive. Well that is the latest form over here. I will talk to you all soon. I have included some pics of one of our local pets.........LOL

Thursday, June 7, 2007

More pictures

Here are a few more pics of the last sandstorm. A couple of these are views as it comes in. Pretty wild to look at, even more wild to be in...

Thursday, May 31, 2007

31 MAY 2007

My Buddy Brandon in the dust storm

My flower garden

Hey all,

Well it is official. I am in hell. the last few days the average temperature has been about 110 and it is not even June yet. But like they say it is a dry heat. Actually to a point that is true. 112 here feels kinda like 90 or so in FLA. No humidity here so it isn't to bad. The worst thing about this place so far in the summer has got to be the dust. There is dust everywhere. Everyone thinks of the desert as sand, well here it isn't sand. It is talcum powder like dust. Super fine and gets in everything. Dusting is pretty much useless around here. Work is going pretty good, trying to get all caught up from my three weeks of being gone. Just about there so things are starting to look up a little bit. I put in for a promotion and the posting closes today so I will have to wait and see if and when I get interviewed. I hope to get the job because it will mean more cash in the bank and that is always nice. It also means less time over here for me. Phyllis won't ever say much about it but I think she misses me more than she lets on. I know I miss her a bunch. I need to get her on here so she can post what is going on back in the states at Budke South. My home sweet home. I am going to try and post a few pictures of our latest sandstorm. It kinda look like something from return of the mummy. Pretty cool to watch but really sucks to be in it. Also want to post some pics of my flower garden I have going over here, we also have some sweet corn growing too. It is moving slow, but it is still green. I hope somebody reads this sometime soon. It would really suck if I was doing this for nothing.....LOL. Everyone take care and I will home again around Christmas.


dust storm in the afternoon, you can barely our trucks.